Sports Medicine

Despite what the name implies, sports medicine is not confined to the athletic field. The branch of orthopedics consists of the treatment of injuries resulting from physical activity. These injuries can occur due to overuse, over-exertion, traumatic collision, or over-extension of the ligaments and cartilage of joints. Sports injuries can occur to any part of the body; however, the majority of sports injuries occur in the major joints, including the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.

Minimally Invasive Rotator Cuff Surgery

A common sports-associated injury of the shoulder is a rotator cuff tear. Composed of a group of four different muscles and tendons, the rotator cuff coordinates the movement of the arm at the shoulder. A tear of these muscles due to a traumatic impact, repetitive motion, or a strong pull may result in serious pain and the loss of mobility in the shoulder.

Based on severity of the injury, a rotator cuff tear can be repaired through surgical or non-surgical methods. If pain is not relieved through non-surgical efforts and surgery is required, rotator cuff tears can be repaired through arthroscopic techniques. A minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopic surgery involves two small incisions for the insertion of a fiber-optic camera and specialized operating tools. Arthroscopic surgery usually results in the successful repair of the rotator cuff and an abbreviated and less painful recovery time.

ACL Repair Surgery for Knee Pain

A commonly performed sports medicine procedure is the rsport medicineepair of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) located within the knee. The ACL provides rotational stability to the knee and tears to the ligament occur due to over rotation, sudden changes in direction, landing incorrectly, or traumatic collision. Symptoms of an ACL tear include a ‘popping’ noise and the inability to put weight on the knee joint, followed by pain and swelling.
Non-surgical treatment options are available after an ACL tear; however, a torn ACL will not heal on its own and surgery is necessary to return to an active lifestyle. Advances in knee surgery techniques now allow a torn ACL to be repaired through an arthroscopic procedure. Arthroscopic surgery techniques allow for a faster recovery time, although an athlete will require at least six months before returning to sports.

Torn Meniscus Surgery for Knee Pain

The meniscus consists of two pieces of cartilage located between the thigh bone and the shinbone that act as cushioning and ‘shock absorbers’ between the two bones. Sports-related meniscal tears result from excess stress on the knee joint from traumatic collision, squatting, or over rotation, and often accompanies other knee injuries, such as an ACL tear.

Walking is still possible after a meniscal tear and athletes may continue to play through the injury. However, the knee will gradually become more stiff and swollen over a period of a few days. Non-surgical approaches to treatment include the RICE protocol of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If the severity of the injury necessitates surgery, arthroscopic techniques utilizing a fiber-optic camera and miniature instruments will allow for the minimally invasive repair of the meniscus.

Shin Splint Repair

Shin splints are a common sports-related injury, as the condition results due to exercise-related overuse. Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, develop as repetitive, excessive physical activity causes muscle fatigue leading to extra force to be applied to the tissue attaching muscles to the shinbone.
Shin splints are treated with rest and a refrain from physical activity. Rarely do shin splints require surgery; however, persistent pain may indicate the development of multiple microfractures in the tibia. Microfractures are severe and may require the evaluation of a physician.

Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body and connects the muscles in the back of the lower leg to the heel bone. The Achilles tendon is essential to mobility as it is used to walk, run, and jump. Tears can occur when the Achilles tendon is overstretched and cannot withstand the large forces exerted on it during physical activity. Pain and swelling accompany an Achilles tendon tear, as well as the inability to bend the foot downward.

Surgery is likely the only option to repair a completely torn Achilles tendon for patients who wish to return to sports. Surgically repaired Achilles tendons are more likely to return to near normal performance and less likely to be re-injured.


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erectile dysfunction

Best Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Simply put, erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection. Nearly 30 million men in the United States have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. And while it’s a fairly common health concern for men, especially those who are age 65 and older, erectile dysfunction surprisingly isn’t a normal part of aging. Nearly everyone has an occasional lapse in performance, however, most men are unwilling to talk about it, even with their urologists.

Identifying the cause of erectile dysfunction is the first step toward diagnosis – and treatment. The good news is that there are a variety of solutions that can address and treat erectile dysfunction. Here are some causes of erectile dysfunction and solutions to address them.

Low Testosterone

One in three men who have erectile dysfunction reportedly have low testosterone. Primarily produced in the testes, testosterone is the hormone that fuels a man’s sex drive. When testosterone levels are low, it can reduce a man’s sexual ability. If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, your doctor may prescribe testosterone therapy, which could include injections or medication, as well as lifestyle changes such as an improved diet or exercise program.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain controls everything, so when the brain is injured, it prevents messages from being properly transmitted to other parts of the body. The penis is no different. Traumatic brain injuries, as well as trauma to the spine and nervous system, often impact a man’s ability to get or maintain an erection. If this is the case, your doctor may recommend medication, but he also may recommend seeing a therapist or other mental health care professional if the trauma has resulted in depression or feelings of inadequacy that impact performance.

Trauma to the Pelvic Area

Trauma to the pelvic area or penis will have the same result as if blood supply is interrupted or nerves are damaged. Erectile dysfunction that occurs as a result of pelvic or perineal trauma can be treatable with revascularization which, in a sense, is a surgical strategy that doctors use to place new blood vessels around existing blockages to restore necessary blood flow.

Vascular Disease

Vascular diseases reduce the amount of blood flow to organs, including sexual organs. In 50-70 percent of men who have erectile dysfunction, poor blood flow or vascular diseases is the underlying cause. Treatments available for vascular disease can be effective in eliminating erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will diagnose the condition and then prescribe treatment, which may include medication to address blood flow. Other lifestyle changes might also be suggested by the health care professional. Smoking for instance, has a negative effect and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Underlying Conditions

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of another condition. Address that condition and the erectile dysfunction will also be addressed.  Clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, diabetes, nerve damage, HIV and cancer are all relatable causes of erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Desiderio (Desi) Avila, Jr., is a fellowship-trained urologist who specializes in male infertility, low testosterone, prostate health, and erectile dysfunction. If you live or work in the greater Phoenix area, call Ironwood Urology to request an appointment with Dr. Avila. He will assess your situation and prescribe a treatment plan to meet your urological issues. You may request an appointment at Ironwood Urology, by calling 480-961-2323 or request an appointment online.

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